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Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment also known as RCT is one of the best ways to treat infected teeth painlessly. The main aim of the Root canal treatment is to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and make sure that its infection free. Root canal treatment is effective for most of the patients, with its success rate of more than 98% and the best part is that the procedure is painless.

It’s a myth that RCT is a painful procedures because with the latest expertise & technologies available now-a –days, it’s a pain free procedure. So, in this way Root canal treatment is beneficial to patients as they can rid of the infected part of the tooth without the requirement of the removal of the tooth.

Who needs Root Canal Treatment?

  • Root Canal Treatment @ New Delhi Dental Clinic
  • Root Canal Treatment @ New Delhi Dental Clinic
  • Root Canal Treatment @ New Delhi Dental Clinic
  • Patients who have throbbing or intermittent pain in the tooth.
  • Radiating pain travelling from the tooth to the jaw.
  • Patients who complain of sensations while consuming hot or cold foods or drinks.
  • Patients who have swelling around gums of particular teeth (sinus/fistula/endo-perio) are the indicated candidates for RCT & advised to undergo Root Canal Treatment.

Why is RCT required?

Root canal treatment is required in the cases when the infection occurred has spread to the deeper levels of a tooth. Degeneration of the pulp occurs once it attracts infection to it. Root canal treatment is most commonly advised immediately in case of the formation of abscess where the pus-pocket gets created at the end of the roots of the tooth. If the abscess is not treated on time with Root canal treatment, then it can lead to severe effects on the health of the jawbone of the respective person.

The procedure of Root Canal Treatment:

  • Root Canal Treatment Rubber dam procedural @ New Delhi Dental Clinic
  • Endomotor with file @ New Delhi Dental Clinic
  • Root Canal Treatment X-Ray taken @ New Delhi Dental Clinic

Root canal treatment comprises of certain steps which are performed by an endodontist or an experienced general dentist. In the first step of Root canal treatment, the dentist creates a drill in the tooth, to access the infected pulp. Then, the infected pulp is removed from the tooth. After this, the dentist disinfects the root canal with saline and other medicinal solutions. This is followed by sealing of the root canals with biocompatible filling materials for preventing the occurrence of a similar infection soon. Once the filling material is placed, the crown is also placed and fixed over the tooth. The dental filling and crown help in protecting the tooth from any fractures.

Root Canal Treatment Charges

The average cost of root canal treatment in India varies throughout the cities and in Delhi & at our clinic, it varies between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000 per tooth. The price depends on the type of treatment such as Anterior RCT, Posterior RCT, single sitting RCT and Re-RCT. Its done by the team of RCT specialist with latest technologies & high expertise.

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Painless, high standard, great hospitality especially a warm welcome from the staff and best results.

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I was really happy with the professionalism of the dentist and attention to the detail. Thanks Dr. Sween Kathuria for a nice work including Crowns & whitening.

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Answer: The time taken for a root canal treatment is usually around 90 minutes if it is a single sitting type RCT. In case of performing second time root canal treatment in the same tooth, then at least 2 appointments of at least 60 minutes each are taken into consideration.
Answer: Root canal treatment does not hurt patients at all. If the patient has pain in a tooth, then it is dealt with in the best way with the expertise of the dentist or an endodontist. Proper utilization of the local anesthetics is useful in preventing pain during root canal treatment.
Answer: No. Usually, root canal treatment is performed with local anesthesia. But, if sedation is given to the patient, then he might feel sleepy.
Answer: The success rates of root canal treatment ranges from 87% to 99%. The success rate of RCT at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is almost 99%. A lot many times; we receive badly done RCT cases where the re-doing of root canal treatment is needed in almost all cases. We have the expertise to save your teeth with Re-RCT procedures as well.

Answer: Root canal treatment failure has the following symptoms:

  1. Severe toothache pain in the treated tooth.
  2. Swelling of the nearby gums.
  3. Symptoms not getting relieved.
Answer: Yes. You could drive after root canal treatment as it’s done under local anesthesia, but if you were given sedation, please use help driving.
Answer: After root canal treatment you are given a printed instruction list to follow. Gradually, you can start using that side for active eating.

Answer: There are different types of crowns advised for the tooth treated with root canal treatment, but then the type of crown used varies with the case and choice of the patient.

  • Ceramic – This is the most commonly advised and utilized type of crowns for the tooth which is treated with Root canal treatment. It mimics the color and features of the natural tooth.
  • Porcelain fused to metal – This combination is stronger than the regular porcelain. The durability of these types of crowns is much more too.
  • Base metal alloys – These types of crowns are resistant to corrosion. This type of crowns does not require much removal of the teeth from the patient.
Team of Endodontists at Dr. Kathuria's Dental Clinic

We at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry offer painless Root Canal Treatment in South Delhi, India at an affordable rate and also offer post surgery services so as to help patients to take precautionary measures after treatment to protect their tooth from damages and further infections.

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