About Us

Heal Yourself Naturally

We are helping people to improve their quality of life through the latest, cutting edge and non-invasive health technologies.


Together we navigate your journey, to ignite a renewed sense of excitement for possibility in your life. We UNCOVER TO UNDERSTAND the blocks and limiting beliefs that have held you hostage from your unique self-expression in this world.

The strategy is a powerful 10 Day process of wholeness, that can only come from a Mind, Body, spirit and Heart connection. Your soul craves this union of purpose and direction. This is your birthright.



Lisa Spillman


Our Pain and Wellness Center was created by Lisa Spillman because of her love and dedication to helping others.

Lisa has made it her mission to empower others to create a life fulfilled and life of happiness.

She has built an exceptional team of people who share the same values and have are devoted to helping others.

Aisha Wood

Having studied at Sutherland Chan Massage School and Teaching Clinic, Aisha Wood offers a wide range of Therapeutic Massage Services.

Aisha’s treatments include:

  •  Swedish Massage
  •  Deep Tissue Massage
  •  Sports Massage
  •  Relaxation Massage

Aisha’s intention with each treatment is for the client to gain relief from chronic muscle and joint problems, thus increasing range of motion and mobility without pain.

As well, each client will feel a decrease in overall muscle tension, and be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Lynne Majesty

Lynne takes an energetic approach to massage therapy by using the body’s own energy to guide the therapy where it is most needed. Over the past 20 years she has developed of a system of therapy using Swedish massage along with deep tissue, joint mobilization and dynamic stretching . Her approach focuses on creating a *flow of movement and integration between all body systems. This creates coherence between body heart and mind.

Treatments include an educational element to her therapeutic work. She explains what muscles and systems are being addressed as she works. This understanding of The anatomy gives the client a foundation for greater recovery as well as knowledge for continued self care.

In addition Lynne has taken courses in deep tissue massage, positional release, infant and pregnancy massage, treatment of neurological disorders and sports massage participating as team trainer in both hockey and lacrosse.

Lynne has built her practice working with people of all ages and abilities from infants ,children, athletes office workers, and senior citizens. She looks forward to working with you.

Other services offered by Lynne:

  •  MPS Pain Therapy
  •  MPS Scar Release Therapy
  •  Heartmath Coach/Mentor ( Building Personal Resilience)
  •  Domamcic Method of Bioenergy Healing
  •  Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS)
  •  chakra stone massage

MPS = Microcurrent Point Stimulation

MPS therapy is a therapy combining Microcurrent with Acupuncture principles designed to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.


Greetings Toronto, my name is Bia and I’m your new Vibrational Therapist at Master Your Mind.

I hear you, “Vibrational Therapist, what is that?”, it’s my way to represent myself as an energetic healer. My gift to you is to help you restore vibrational homeostasis, or energetic balance, within your bodies utilising water, light and sound therapy, as well as herbal medicine if needed.

My passion in this world is to assist people on their healing journey and remembrance of the wholeness that they are. I was born in a very dark environment and I know what it feels like to suffer in silence for many years. I learned that myself and everybody is worthy of feeling like their best self and building a life of abundance and happiness while standing in your vibrational integrity.